Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things I Adore, Things I Abhor

[Possibly the first in a new Thursday series]

5 Things I Adore Today:

  • Limited Edition Elvis Banana Peanut Butter Cups (I'll try anything)

  • Johnny Hallyday (He acts, he sings, total je ne sais quoi)

  • Slippery Rock 70s by Stavely Makepeace (Hot Fuzz soundtrack -- real 70s glam rock)

  • Lunch with good friends (Work is only bearable thanks to amazing co-workers like Stephano!)

  • Significantly lower humidity (FINALLY)

5 Things I Abhor Today:

  • Chevy El Caminos (Seriously, this was the FIRST thing that came to mind)

  • Working for the man (Will do anything else for the same salary)

  • Expired sour cherry juice concentrate (I really wanted some tonight)

  • Revolving doors that don't revolve (I don't think it is broken, I think they want us to use the front door)

  • Walking into spiderwebs (Because you spend the next 10 minutes of your walk wiping imaginary web traces off your face)

Hooray! Things I Adore TOTALLY WINS today!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not an Instant Winner -- Please Play Again Soon!

I finally remembered to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? $2 dollars -- 1 quick pick and my numbers -- 2-19-12-28-11 and 15 for the Mega ball. I even fill in the little ovals in that exact order. (I also put exactly 5 ice cubes in Boom's water bowl when it is hot. 2 of the cubes have to be still connected. Like me and the Boom. I've revealed too much).

Well I didn't even match 1 number. On the plus side, nobody matched all 6. So I get to try again on Friday. I won't win, I'm not lucky that way. But I'm big on the venturing these days.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Um, because it is redundant?"

So I'm driving to work today -- late, because I ignored the alarm, stopped for a Mega Millions ticket, stopped for a latte, and oh yes, I HATE my job -- and in my rear view mirror, I see a car bearing down on me. I indicate and move over. I'm that kind of considerate driver. As the car passes me, I note the personalized license plate.

So, this is Virginia. It is like we invented the personalized plate. Everybody has one. I'm sure I've seen statistics about Virginia having the most personalized plates of any state, but heck, you can go look it up if my word isn't good enough. So, you get used to IMSAVED and RITE ON. [Full disclosure: I had BEAUTY A on my 1966 Buick Special Convertible from 1988 to 1994. Sadly, most people did not get my subtle Canadian reference.]

But back to this morning. The car that passed me was a black Pathfinder. The plate? BLK FNDR. Not 5 minutes later, I pass a PT Cruiser. The plate? PT CRUSE.

Argh. If I can read your license plate, I can read the model of your car which is usually right next to the plate. What's the point? Don't tell me what I already know. Make me guess! Be cryptic! Or at least be deluded -- you know who you are, PRIAPUS.

"Why not go for the full year, you lazy bastard?"

Don't even THINK it. I know just what you want to say. "Don't be so hard on yourself." "You have had so much going on." Truth? I'm always going to have so much going on. Canine ear surgery, multiple myeloma, fleas, (not me, dear visitor, the housemates), etc. That is just the way my life is. So use it or lose it is the new blog motto. I write and you don't have to read.

I DO appreciate being let off the hook, don't get me wrong. It came in very handy a few weeks ago when I very responsibly walked home from the bar and very shortly thereafter woke up on the couch with relatives on the doorstep and no clothes from the waist down. Sigh. Sounds better than it felt.

So, I'm not going for the full year off. I'm back. And coincidentally, in black.

Or maybe I'm just lazy. Instead of typing my own thoughts, I can spend hours hitting Next Blog and becoming momentarily infatuated with the deluded boy in Montreal who thinks she's coming back or the naive South African boy who thinks she's coming back. Definite unrequited theme on blogger these days.

Then there are my regulars, the people I visit daily: Crankster who has fled rural VA for the big apple; Fireflies in the Cloud who always has a picture to go with the random thought; Chockylit who makes the most bizarrely original cupcakes; and my newest man, A.E.L.E.O.P.E.

I'm totally blushing (blog crushing) on Scott from Oregon, the man behind Anecdotal Evidence Life Exists on Planet Earth. He's manly (nude carpentry!), he loves his mum (me too!), he's taken care of a sick parent (trifecta!), and he fell apart when he lost his dog (Caesar, meet Tuti). It doesn't end there. We've both been to Cairns, Australia! He's darn funny! We belong together! Oh, wait. That last one hasn't happened yet.

So, to recap:

I'm back
I am currently in black
I am lazy, but resolved
I couldn't live without my daily read (thanks regulars!)
I'm blushing on Scott from Oregon

Tell all your single friends.

XO, JamieSmitten