Monday, November 26, 2007

A Case of "that annoying song that loops endlessly on the slowest ride at Disney World"*

*I'd say the title, but then the damn song would be stuck in my head for days. You'll get it, if you haven't already.

It turns out that my manager's wife and I graduated from high school together. I vaguely remember her after looking at the senior yearbook. Lest you think I'm incredibly forgetful, there were over 500 graduates in that class -- and I definitely didn't know everyone. Also, lest you think I didn't own tweezers, Brooke Shields-style eyebrows were quite acceptable at that time.

But it is strange that we didn't figure this out before, as my manager and I spend about 50% of the work week together and have talked about teen years, etc. Even stranger -- we both attended the reunion held 3 years ago. We didn't work together then, but we were both there.

Which got me to thinking. How many places have I been at the same time as a future acquaintance? If I had zigged instead of zagged, would I have met that person then and not later? Was I standing behind my manager when we picked up nametags?

I know what you are thinking -- the whole "butterfly flaps its wings and causes a chain of events leading to a tsunami on the other side of the world" -- this isn't a new thought. But it does make me feel incredibly pressured to memorize faces when I'm out and about. So maybe when I do meet someone in the future, the déjà vu feeling will be quickly explained away.

Serendipity. Fate. Coincidence. I'll take them all.

Tell All Your Single Friends, it's a world of laughter - HA! Now you have to hum it too!

XO, JamieSmitten

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Francophile, c'est moi!

In the past week I have watched Paris, Je T'aime and La Vie En Rose. They were both excellent films saturated with l'esprit de Paris. I highly recommend them.

I'm going back there some day.

Maybe that should be my new motivation for going to work every day when clearly, I have lost that loving feeling. The Man lost his loving feeling for me first, if he ever really cared. Each pointless meeting earns me an increment of my paycheck which properly cultivated (no more expensive organic lavender shampoo even though it makes my hair luxuriously soft and the lack of parabens will keep me from developing any number of diseases) could be transformed into a ticket to Paris.

Bon. Maintenant, il faut pratiquer le français pour être prêt.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'd like to thank the academy.....

I may have mentioned before that Crankster is my Brother from Another Mother. He grew up in No Va, he has strong feelings about Q-Tips, he knows and likes Richard Brautigan, for heck's sake. He's just all that and a mug of Nescafe Cafe con Leche (ask him, I drink the real thing).

So, in addition to brightening my every day (thank you NaBloPoMo), he bestows awards! In fact, he's downright gift-y this season. Here are the three awards he has bestowed upon yours truly:

Crankster said: "I nominate the following (alphabetically organized)
five bloggers for the "Thinking Blogger Award," and thank them deeply for giving
me another viewpoint: Jamiesmitten, of Tell All Your Single Friends, tends toward
the sort of random, playful thoughtfulness that so often leads to great ideas
and sparks of genius."

I own random and playful and I strive mightily for sparks of genius. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Crankster said: "When I was coming up with Jamiesmitten's pajamas, I
cheated a little: I looked at the Halloween pictures on her blog. Her
pajamas are relaxed, playful, and come with a pair of ears."

Again with the playful. Clearly, Crankster has spies in Richmond. And for the record, if I wore pajamas, I would definitely be rocking the ears -- just like Josie and the Pussycats (cartoon version, please, not that movie).

Crankster said: "As I may have pointed out once or
twice, Jamiesmitten is a little random, a little silly, and a lot incisive.
Somewhere in this apparent contradiction, she stakes out a very brave and very
feminine space."

Random, oh so random. And brave is my hope. I think I got feminine for the blue toenails.

So it is with gratitude and sibling affection, that I post my awards over on the side bar. I'm definitely planning on regifting soon. After I spend some time thinking about all of YOU in pajamas.

Tell All Your Single Friends, blog awards are what the cool kids are giving.

XO, JamieSmitten

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me (and to you!)

Well THAT year crawled by painfully -- here's to 41!! Raise a glass tonight -- and we'll all be drinking together.

I'll be at home this evening with a recuperating Boom. He had surgery on his second aural hematoma this morning. Not the best way for a highly attached dog and his mum to spend the day. Pre-surgery picture below -- poor boy's ear was swollen up to empanadilla size by end of vacation.

Once you finish your birthday toast to me, head on over to and show off your logophile tendencies for a good cause. According to the article I read, very few people make it past level 48 (of 50). I have made it to 48 and will make it to 50 if it takes all year. Caution: If you get to the word "stithy" and decide to ask for help, be sure to enunciate. My mum's answer of "well dear, that's a hard on" was well intentioned, but off the mark.

Today (and every day), Cracker says it best:

I'm feeling thankful
for the small things, today
I'm feeling thankful
for the small things, today
Happy, Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
and to you

Tell All Your Single Friends, JamieSmitten is older, if not necessarily wiser!

XO, JamieSmitten

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What I'm Seeing

Some random photos from the Week of Nothing. Oh, there was some activity (gym, work, swim, read, sleep, repeat), but thankfully, not a lot. Sometimes you just need to shut it down.

Mum's schoolhouse birdhouse. Silly me, I thought it was just a decoration, so when I tugged on the door handles (non-functioning, it turns out), a damn bird flew out. I like birds FROM A DISTANCE. I shout because I can't stress this enough. Birds flying a foot away from my face is just not right. Happily, I later noted a woodpecker doing his pecking business on the side of the birdhouse. Serves you right, bird.

Oranges -- but they look like balls. (She said balls!)

My nail color is BLUE MY MIND. It wasn't easy floating so you could have the full 10 toe effect. You are welcome.

Boom -- with pool waves decorating him!

My pool companion. His brother Sol (he's yellow) kept me company in the hot tub. Sigh. I really must start being nicer to men so they will accompany me on vacation.

I couldn't remember the name of this plant, but it had long magenta dreadlocks so of course I took a picture. Mum just reminded me that it is a chenille plant and I first saw them in Jamaica. When I was 8. So many drug cells lost during that first year of university........

Mum will be back from the cruise today, so 2 of these 3 puppies will no longer be following me around the house. Unless I have food in my hand.

Boom's glamour shot -- a.k.a. Flora and Fauna

Monday, November 05, 2007

Not Dead, Just in Hiding

Ahhhhhhhhh. Vacation. It comes so infrequently and feels so lovely.

I've been away from the corporate masters for 4 days now and it feels mighty fine. O.K., I had to work for an hour on Sunday, but that was just to save myself from a HUGE mountain of crap when I return to the office.

I had plenty of bloggerrific thoughts during my 13 hour drive to Vacation, but most have been lost for eternity -- floating in a hot tub will do that to you. Here is some of what seemed important while on the road:

  • Dead or Alive was an AWESOME band. Somebody should enrich her cd collection with Youthquake posthaste.

  • For a Halloween spent in the car, only hearing Monster Mash and Thriller once each on the radio is pretty darn good.

  • The Sexual Excitement Assortment available from dispensing machines in restrooms gets cheaper the further south you drive. I'd be interested to hear if this is an east coast phenomenon....

  • City style is not country style. Or perhaps, JamieSmitten style is not country style. Real conversational exchange: "Did you do that to your hair for Halloween?" "No. My hair is like this 365." "In that case, I like it." Sadly, he was the minority. How insular is a community if my two tone hair is the talk of the ENTIRE lunch crowd?

  • Clouds are pretty. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sadly, I didn't get any good Driving Cloud pictures. Hopefully, the return trip home will offer some opportunities.

  • Cruise control is not the devil's plaything. Fine, you win, Technology. Yes, cruise control is helpful. Although it still feels like being on a trolley.

  • Dogs only have health issues AFTER they visit the vet. Boom got a clean bill of health on Saturday before the trip and arrived at Vacation with a whopping aural hematoma. Local vets have been less than helpful, so Boom carries around a blood balloon ear until we get back home to Dr. Gray. He's a trooper and is enjoying his vacation despite. Thank goodness he only has 2 ears.

  • The 2 things I knew I needed were the 2 things I forgot to pack. Back in Black by AC/DC has been with me on every road trip ever. First cassette, then cd. 120 cds with me and I forget the classic. sigh. My favorite Christmas present from last year was also supposed to be first in the car, but got left in the bedroom. I know what you are thinking and to punish you, the picture of said favorite Christmas present from last year has been hidden here.

  • Gas prices are outrageous, yet all the cars who blocked my view of the road ahead and moved into my lane without indicating were by and large, gas guzzling SUVs. Seriously, people, get over your car status symbols.

  • 95 through Jacksonville deserves some sort of medal for longest road improvement without improvement project.

  • There is a state park for everyone:
I've been known to favor them. : )

  • I should have been a long distance truck driver because 13 hours in the car is way better than how I usually spend my day. Must look into that.

There will be more vacation pictures in the near future. But for now, back to the hot tub.

Tell All Your Single Friends, JamieSmitten's in hot water -- and loving it!

XO, JamieSmitten