Monday, August 17, 2009

Mockery @ Work = $$

Yep. For the sum of $40 in Target gift cards, my picture was circulated throughout the entire department. It is an "honor."

Tell all your single friends, it might be time to go blonde again.

XO, JamieSmitten

p.s. Thank goodness the queen of photoshop is my friend, right??

Monday, August 03, 2009

I Heart NYC -- Take 2!

We spent less than 24 hours in NYC thanks to traffic and having too much fun in Connecticut!

However we managed to pack a LOT in:

  1. A hotel room ON THE PENTHOUSE LEVEL. Yep. I had a balcony in NYC.
    Sure, it was small, but I had a close-up view of the Empire State building.

  2. Two cab rides. Sadly, not the Cash Cab as I had hoped. The cabs have touchscreens that let you map your journey. And commercials. They did swerve around as expected, so that was nice.

  3. A jaunt in the rain through Chinatown. Super crowded streets and near-miss eye gouging by umbrellas. AND -- I was propositioned by one of those "come into my back room and buy a purse" people. Ha. Like I'd go shopping when I could be sightseeing.

  4. Dim Sum with approximately 372 people. Amazing food and total chaos as new patrons are directed in to their table by flight attendants with head phones. I decided to go with the spirit of the experience and not look too closely at the fillings. I'm fairly certain I managed to avoid chicken, but I definitely consumed all other meats. YUM.

  5. A diner meal at midnight. My bagel was not anything special, but the chocolate malted was aces. There was a cashier who looked to be at least 92 and the waiter kept touching us. Completely surreal.

Tell all your single friends, every NYC trip makes you love it more!!

XO, Jamiesmitten